• Blue Couple48x48 SOLD
  • The Guitar Man48x60
  • Woman and White Bird30x40
  • Casablanca40x40
  • Dog and I40x40
  • Blue Moon48x60
  • Two Sunbathers36x36 SOLD
  • Rainy Day People48x60 after unknown Sri Lankan artist
  • The Swim 30x30 SOLD
  • Medicine Man48x60 SOLD
  • Woman and Blue48x60
  • Woman Chicken Orange Sun8x10 SOLD
  • Horse Capture36x48
  • Boy with Dog and Chicken24x24 SOLD
  • Gypsy Woman with Guitar48x60 SOLD
  • Blue Figure with Birds and Dogs8x10 SOLD
  • Listener48x60 SOLD
  • American Indian24x30
  • Indian with Black Horse48x60 SOLD
  • Woman and the Moon48x48 SOLD
Blue Couple1 The Guitar Man2 Woman and White Bird3 Casablanca4 Dog and I5 Blue Moon6 Two Sunbathers7 Rainy Day People8 The Swim 9 Medicine Man10 Woman and Blue11 Woman Chicken Orange Sun12 Horse Capture13 Boy with Dog and Chicken14 Gypsy Woman with Guitar15 Blue Figure with Birds and Dogs16 Listener17 American Indian18 Indian with Black Horse19 Woman and the Moon20

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